From producing the first nylon trimmer line 50+ years ago to holding 25 patents for trimmer accessories, we know innovation.

A History of Innovation

Our history of innovation dates back to Shakespeare’s inception in 1897 when we established firm roots in the fishing tackle business. Our advancements in extruded monofilament fishing line led to a strong competency in material and polymer science in the mid-1950’s. In 1972, we developed the very first nylon trimmer line and staked our claim as the long-standing industry standard for durability, quality, and innovation for universal fit and OEM trimmer line, heads, and accessories that continues today.


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  • Heavy Do It Yourself (DIY) Lawn Enthusiast
  • Homeowner Lawn Care

Featured Innovations

With the end consumer as our number one priority, we are continually seeking new ways to improve the user experience by creating more durable, high performing, convenient, and easy-to-use products. We have more than 25 innovative patents for trimmer accessories, and our latest advancements include:

Biodegradable* Timmer Line

Nylon trimmer lines made from 1970s science aren’t cutting it anymore. We turned to modern science to create a new formula that focuses on improved biodegradability* in an anaerobic landfill environment (see bottom of page for details) and durability in one 21st-century trimmer line.

Premium Nylon Blend

An extreme durability trimmer line developed through advanced polymer science that is 50% more durable than residential grade trimmer line.


Trimmer line with markings every foot for faster and more accurate reloading.

Pivotrim® Technology

Fast and easy to load pre-cut strips save time, while pivoting posts deflect when hitting obstacles to minimize line wear and breakage.

Push-N-Load® Blades

Quick change nylon blades allow for aggressive cutting of heavy weeds and light brush that can be easily replaced in a matter of seconds.

On-package Line Cutter

Functional packaging design that includes an easy-to-use cutting device making quick work of hard-to-cut nylon line.

Patented Shape/Twist Ratio

Optimal performance for battery powered trimmers benefiting users with up to 15% longer run-time while reducing overall vibration and fatigue.

Full-Face Autowinder Head Technology

Unique design allows user to simply feed line in and twist to load the head without having to remove the cover and manually spool line, saving time and avoiding hassle.

On-board Line Cutter

A patented line cutter built into Push-N-Load® fixed line trimmer heads makes cutting line strips convenient, quick, and easy.

Always Innovating

As the originator of the diameter coding system and bi-component decades ago, Shakespeare has a long history with cutting edge trimmer accessory solutions. History repeats itself, and our innovation continues with steady advancements in ultra-durable trimmer line formulas, advanced packaging solutions, and more consumer-focused product developments and introductions.

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*When disposed of in an anaerobic landfill environment, the amount of degradation is dramatically increased as compared to conventional trimmer line. Within one year it could biodegrade 24% compared to less than 1% with conventional trimmer line per ASTM D5511 testing method, making it more environmentally friendly. Anaerobic landfills may not exist in your area. Note that the stated rate and extent of degradation do not mean the product will continue to decompose. Trimmer line remnants left in the yard may not necessarily experience this same level of biodegradation. The results of these tests are still pending. Not for sale in California, Maryland, Michigan, or Washington.